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January’s Cardio Crisis

CARDIO CRISIS IN JANUARY-02Recent research has concluded that cardiovascular deaths, specifically heart attacks and strokes, are statistically more common in January.

New evidence has led scientists to believe that a number of factors have collectively caused this phenomenon, through the analysis of millions of death certificates. Similar patterns of cardiac mortality in the winter months, specifically January, have occurred throughout various global geographic locations: not solely relegated to the United States.

Air pollution, which has a seasonal rhythm due to the nitrogen dioxide levels—a primary pollutant in causing premature deaths—are at their highest levels in January, particularly in large urban cities. Short-term exposure to pollutants like petrol fumes and diesel is also associated with increased mortality rates of heart attacks and strokes; when pollutants enter the bloodstream via the lungs, they can ultimately lead to artery blood clots: a primary risk factor for cardiovascular disease. Read more

Linking Fiber Facts & Heart Health

Several studies have demonstrated that the consumption of fiber has significantly lowered levels of cholesterol, reduces the risk of stroke and diabetes, helps with weight loss, and can ultimately prevent cardiovascular disease.

Fiber comes in two forms: soluble and insoluble, though most fiber-rich foods contain both types. While most people generally associate fiber with a healthy digestive system and track, research has shown that its benefits for heart health are significant. Read more