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The Challenges of Long-Term Obesity Care

Several of the leading causes of death across the globe are diseases related to the obesity epidemic, such as ischemic heart disease, cancer, and stroke. High-calorie diets, sedentary lifestyles, and recently, pandemic lockdown measures have contributed to a continuous rise in obesity prevalence. Widespread stay-at-home orders and a shift toward remote life have had a negative impact on a range of weight management practices causing experts to forecast a significant worsening of the obesity epidemic in coming years.

The current approach toward obesity care, which prioritizes weight loss as part of a typically short-term solution, is not sufficient to effectively manage this condition. A new message for both patients and providers is needed – one that classifies obesity as a chronic disease requiring comprehensive management to avoid weight regain and prevent health complications.

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Coffee, Green Tea, and Type 2 Diabetes Mortality Rates

Previous studies in the general population suggest that both green tea and coffee can contribute to health benefits, preventing chronic diseases, and even reducing mortality risks. However, limited evidence is currently available regarding the consumption of these beverages on patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus. There is significant potential for reduced all-cause mortality associated with drinking both coffee and green tea in patients with type 2 diabetes, per results of a recent study published in BMJ Open Diabetes Research & Care.  

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