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Tackling Obesity and Diabetes with Caffeine

 As a substantial public health crisis, obesity – and its host of comorbid cardiometabolic conditions  – continues to demand improved prevention efforts and treatment methods to deter its rapidly increasing prevalence. While rates of obesity continue to rise and patients increasingly suffer from diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and other related health complications, ongoing growth within the field of obesity research aims to uncover efficacious therapies to combat this epidemic.

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High Rates of Burnout Among Cardiologists

The state of physical and mental exhaustion associated with overworking, commonly known as burnout, is at the forefront of concern among the healthcare community. Nearly half of all practicing physicians in the United States report feeling burned out; in cardiology that number is roughly the same. Physician burnout has a negative impact not only on healthcare practitioners themselves, but also on patient care, workplace productivity, and job retention, often leading to increased costs related to recruiting and replacing burnout employees. 

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