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Depression Linked to Chronic Disease in Women

Recent statistics reveal the jarring prevalence of depression among U.S. adults with an estimated 17.3 million affected American adults, or over 7% of the population. Although depression is a serious condition on its own, a growing body of research suggests it has a connection to a host of cardiometabolic conditions. While the comorbidity of depression and cardiovascular disease has been long known, the underlying mechanisms behind the connection are under investigation. Forthcoming studies implicate that not only heart disease can stem from depressive symptoms, but cancer, diabetes, and other cardiometabolic conditions have also been linked to mental illness.

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Poor Medication Adherence in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes


Nearly one-third of patients with type 2 diabetes may not be taking their medications correctly, according to a new screening approach conducted by the National Centre for Drug Adherence Testing (NCAT) at Leicester’s Hospitals. Researchers from NCAT – the first and largest adherence testing center in the world – along with their colleagues from the University of Leicester have begun evaluating patients to better understand their approach to medicines and get an accurate measure of medication adherence.

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