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Endocrine-Metabolic Consequences of Chronic Maternal Hypertension

Maternal hypertension and hypertensive disorders during pregnancy have been proven to significantly increase the risk of perinatal health complications in both mothers and their offspring. Conditions such as chronic hypertension, gestational hypertension, preeclampsia, and eclampsia are common and complicate between 5 and 10% of pregnancies, leading to maternal mortality, stillbirth, and preterm birth as well as often predicting cardiovascular morbidity in both the mother and child.

Published in Childhood Obesity, the results of a recent trial reveal that babies born to mothers with diagnosed chronic hypertension face a significantly higher likelihood of developing endocrine-metabolic morbidities by the age of 18 and are more likely to be obese during childhood.

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Women’s History Month: 5 Renowned Women in Cardiology

In a field typically dominated by men, women comprise only one-third of scientific researchers and only 13% of cardiologists yet their critical research contributions and historical innovations continue to shape the practice of cardiometabolic medicine. As a celebration of Women’s History Month, CMHC is spotlighting five female pioneers in the field of cardiovascular health whose contributions broke down barriers to entry paving the way for future generations of women while enhancing global heart health and standards of patient care.

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