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Treatment Effects of Intensive Lifestyle Intervention Among Type 2 Diabetes Patients

 Lifestyle interventions are often the first line of treatment for patients with prediabetes and are an essential component of successful weight and blood glucose management for the reduction of cardiometabolic disease risk. Together, the incorporation of regular physical activity and implementation of healthy dietary patterns have been proven to decrease cardiovascular disease risk factors, although the impact of these strategies does not always yield the same results. As evidenced by the latest research  published in Diabetes Care, lowering CVD event risk in individuals who are overweight or obese with intensive lifestyle interventions is dependent on certain patient-specific factors. Read more

The Importance of Potassium in Cardiometabolic Health

As an essential mineral for physical health, potassium ensures the normal functioning of cells, regulates heart rate, synthesizes proteins, and metabolizes carbohydrates – all necessary mechanisms for optimal cardiometabolic health.

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