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5 Can’t Miss Topics at the 14th Annual CMHC

Top 5 Cardiometabolic Health Topics You Can’t Miss at the 14th Annual CMHC

Alarmingly, recent statistics indicate that over one-third of the population has at least one cardiometabolic risk factor, ranging from dyslipidemia and hypertension to diabetes and cardiovascular disease. In the time of a cardiometabolic public health crisis, it is more important than ever for clinicians to equip themselves with the latest therapeutic strategies and protocols in order to prevent, treat, and manage disease. Delivering optimal patient care and enhancing health outcomes requires medical professionals to stay up-to-date on developments and advances in cardiometabolic health through continuing medical education.

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Increased Heart Failure Mortality Rates in Younger US Adults

With the prevalence of diabetes, obesity, and other cardiometabolic risk factors on the rise , cardiovascular disease mortality rates continue to show an upward trend. Rates of heart failure-related deaths in the United States are climbing nationwide —particularly affecting adults between the ages of 35 and 64.  Currently, the CDC estimates 5.7 million American adults suffer from heart failure and an increasing amount of those people are under the age of 65. Researchers are examining potential causes and reversal methods of this growing trend.  

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