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African American Contributions to Cardiometabolic Medicine

As a celebration of African American men and women, this Black History Month CMHC honors the unparalleled contributions to the field of cardiometabolic medicine by pioneers in health care and modern medicine. Not only have these medical professionals improved health care access for African Americans and promoted racial equality in hospitals and other institutions, but they have also been instrumental in the discovery of medical breakthroughs, novel surgical techniques, and other innovations advancing the practice of medicine.  Below are some of the notable African American health care professionals that paved the way for future leaders in the field. Read more

Black History Month: Hypertension in African American Adults

As results of the REGARDS study indicate, African American patients are more likely to be aware of having hypertension, more likely to be undergoing treatment, more likely to be treated more intensively, yet they are less likely to achieve blood pressure control. Current literature suggests these disparities are a combined result of socioeconomic factors, psychological stress, and a higher incidence of hypertensive risk factors. 

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